Electricity is on the move. So, too, is language. The 'Lectric Collective is interested in orchestrating collisions between the language arts and other art forms, to re-establish a kinetic relationship among them, and to ignite artistic mobility through its diverse contemporary vehicles. We are devoted to process and the healthy continuation of artistic junctions.

Together, the collective has written one collaborative chapbook (One Hundred), a short play (Breadsongs), has created a variety of visual works, and curated a number of events, detailed on the PROJECTS page.

The collective was formed by Jillian Roberts, Kelsa Trom, and Sarah Rothberg in March 2010. They once resided happily together in Oakland, CA and are now scattered between San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn.

August 30, 2011

The Big Return

So it is! With the end of August has come the end of our great tour. I'm already experiencing some withdrawals - for instance, could we, or anyone, substitute a steady flow of abbreviated tracked lives all over the place for a hearty, big life in just one place? Luckily, we don't have to decide right now because all our paw-tracked trickle life events are still with us because of Recorded Audiovisuals (because that's how we wanted it). The point of this being, now that we've scavenged the nation, we owe it (and you) something in return. Our plans for this illustrious document are expansive and will take a some time to unravel - and while I won't tell you just what they are right now, keep a close eye on us in the coming month.
K shredda