Electricity is on the move. So, too, is language. The 'Lectric Collective is interested in orchestrating collisions between the language arts and other art forms, to re-establish a kinetic relationship among them, and to ignite artistic mobility through its diverse contemporary vehicles. We are devoted to process and the healthy continuation of artistic junctions.

Together, the collective has written one collaborative chapbook (One Hundred), a short play (Breadsongs), has created a variety of visual works, and curated a number of events, detailed on the PROJECTS page.

The collective was formed by Jillian Roberts, Kelsa Trom, and Sarah Rothberg in March 2010. They once resided happily together in Oakland, CA and are now scattered between San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn.

March 9, 2011

Kelsa said the phrase "special item" in an email, and more!

Great news! As a last minute addition to the show on Saturday, UC Berkeley Visual Studies Professor Extraordinaire Tony Dubovsky will be contributing some artwork that he made, inspired by Cecil Giscombe's work. This is especially exciting for me because I had some hand in introducing the two, and I love to see that the collaborative impulse for artists to look to language as a source is alive, independent from our project.

Everything is coming together beautifully, we can't wait!